Art Teacher For Grades 7-10 (MYP)
Location SPH - Lippo Village
Required Degree S1
Experience 1 - 2 Tahun

Special expectation:

Requires some knowledge of art history, as well as some proficiency with the following art forms: drawing, painting, ceramics and other 3D media.  Experience working with 3D media is an advantage.

IB experience an advantage

The candidate should be able to work well with other visual art teachers to plan lessons, develop and implement curriculum, moderate grades and carry out responsibilities as needed.


To send your application via email:
 1. All listed vacancies are open for Indonesian only – for expatriate positions please go to this link
 2. Please download the YPPH application form
 3. Please answer all questions, complete requirements in detail.
 4. Send the application to

Info:(+62) 021-54202163 ext. 168

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