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A First Look into Kedokteran Keluarga Layanan Primer (KKLP) / Family Medicine and Primary Care Specialization Program at UPH

The Faculty of Medicine of UPH has just launched its second specialization study program, namely the family medicine and primary care specialization program (kedokteran keluarga layanan primer, KKLP). Its first batch of students has just begun their studies last week. 

Family Medicine has been widely applied in The U.S. and will soon be popularized in Indonesia. This program educates doctors with a hands-on curriculum integrating biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences that will better prepare them in providing quality primary care in Indonesia. 

UPH was the first private university in Indonesia to open a specialization program, beginning with Radiology Specialization Program (December 2021) and followed by Family Medicine and Primary Care Specialization Program (January 2023). UPH continues to receive considerable support from YPPH in its dream of opening more specialization programs to provide healthcare in Indonesia with better quality doctors.

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