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Congratulations to UPH Faculty of Medicine for Being Ranked #1 Private Medical School in Indonesia

Universitas Pelita Harapan’s Faculty of Medicine (FK UPH) was recently named the best private medical school in Indonesia by EduRank, a UK-based independent higher education rating agency which annually ranks more than 14,000 universities from 183 countries based on research performance (number of scientific publications and citations), non-academic prominence and alumni influence. 

With a strong track record spanning more than 21 years, FK UPH has continued to graduate God-fearing, competent, professional, and innovative doctors dedicated to serving the community. At FK UPH, students learn medicine, public health, and health services through an innovative curriculum based on problem-based learning. FK UPH also emphasizes interdisciplinary learning through close collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, and the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. 

FK UPH recently launched UPH Simulation Center, the first comprehensive and multidisciplinary medical simulation center in Indonesia purposely-built to enhance education and promote quality and patient safety through cutting-edge technology that mimics real life situations. 

FK UPH also collaborates with various public and private healthcare institutions and has its own teaching hospital ― Siloam General Hospital ― which provides medical students with authentic clinical experiences that enable them to apply and integrate their knowledge and skills. On top of this, FK UPH nurtures a synergistic relationship with Mochtar Riady Institute for Nanotechnology (MRIN) for research collaboration.  

In the past two years, FK UPH has achieved several key milestones as it pursues excellence in medical education. In January 2022, FK UPH became the first private university in Indonesia to open a Radiology Specialist Education Program. In April 2022, its Bachelor of Medicine and Medical Doctor Profession Education programs were rated “Excellent” by the Independent Accreditation Institution of Higher Education in Health Sciences (LAM-PTKes). Not only that, FK UPH also has a Family Medicine Specialist Education Program which commenced in March 2023.  

Through the Medical Student Summer Enrichment Program (MSSEP), FK UPH students can also volunteer to serve the communities in Indonesia and overseas for up to six weeks during their holidays. Through this program, students can develop not only their knowledge and skills but also other qualities required of a doctor, such as compassion, honesty, integrity and social justice.  

FK UPH also seeks to elevate its global standing by fostering cooperation and networking with like-minded overseas partners. One such partnership is with Biola University in pre-med student internship summer program and the establishment of Center for Medical and Bioethics at FK UPH. Both institutions have also explored the possibility to offer a master’s degree in Christian Bioethics. 

In collaboration with Samford University School of Public Health, FK UPH is also the first and only private medical school in Indonesia to offer a dual degree program where students can graduate with both Bachelor in Medicine and Master in Public Health degrees. 

All these demonstrate that FK UPH never ceases to grow and innovate, and substantially contribute to the betterment of public health care quality in Indonesia. 

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